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Holiday Apology

The best laid plans often go astray, even if you aren't a mouse or a man ... simply a return to work mother!
Arrangements for the Kitkat annual holiday were all under control. Menus and venues for the days of family influx, a suitable headstart in future blog posts, fingers crossed for the weather - that box ticked too.
But then being human got in the way. A bit too-long-a-lie-in here, an elongated dinner there and before I knew it, via the obligatory viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, deadlines had been missed and my blog was lying naked and (not) forgotten on the floor. Then the lack of internet connection reared it's ugly head - *throws despairing hands in the air*.
However, here I am again, on the downhill cusp of the holiday season. School uniform ads are trending in every media form and many parents will be preparing for a return to routine.
The holiday crowds have dropped, the drizzle has returned and another summer is all but over. Not all is gloom though, despite the nights drawing in.
Food is on the cusp of changing from salads to hearty, warming stews. Cakes, from light sponge filled fancies to dark, swollen fruit cakes and I hope that you too have a squishy sofa to curl up on and mull over the wispy memories of days of ice cream, laughter and sand filled toes.
Here's to the change of seasons.
thanks to KTC for the perficpic

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