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Selfish Mentality?

Selfish (adjective) concerned chiefly with one's own interests or pleasure actuated by or appealing to self-interest.
On the weekend of 16/17th August 2014, I wonder how many of you watched a Robin Williams' film?
Whilst channels re-scheduled and online sites enjoyed a 'spike' in dvd sales, another family were left grieving for a person who had gone too soon.
Stepping away from the sorrow surrounding Mr Williams' death, what caused me added horror, was the suggestion that his final act was one of selfishness.
This year, I've observed continuing action to eradicate the stigma connected with mental health. Although I would like to suggest that the Actor Todd Bridges spoke with the distortion of grief and ignorance, it was a showcase of the ignorance that is held by many.
Naively, I had thought that headway was being made, particularly with the 'celebrity' support for the campaign and the viral surge in trying to find Mike.
How wrong I was proved. If only something good was to happen, something that could become part of the legacy that Robin Williams has left us with? For those who can understand how he might have been feeling, here is a link for you.
For you under standers and all those who can't relate to Robin's actions at all, I'd like to ask you this question: What is your favorite memory of Robin Williams?
I asked the giants and both independently delivered Jumanji with youngest giant quickly adding Mrs Doubtfire. I wonder how many of you will hold onto a memory of Robin, a man that seems to be held so dear in many hearts.
My memory? This one:

Nanoo Nanoo, no more :( RIP
Thanks to for the perficpic

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