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Sleep obsessed

Whether it's because there's been a new addition to the Kitkat clan or the fact that my own nocturnal timetable is completely opposed to the perfect figure of eight sleeping hours, I find myself considering 'am I the only person who's fixated on sleep'?
I've also been thinking of my own introduction to motherhood, certainly - the euphoria, the shock, the relief and - the complete, tortuous lack of sleep. 
I had an awakening to the meaning of post child exhaustion when I was still round with child. As opposed to round with no child, post birth. That post baby wobbly belly was a shock and yes, I clearly expected baby belly to shrink on delivery!
It was during an 'intro to my newborn' visit that a friend managed to sum up the fixation and raising of the Somnus status in a new parent's life.
The birth had been followed by her own birthday. She explained that her mother had asked what she'd like as a present and did that include babysitting services. Her hasty reply was for nothing material, no ability for a romantic couple's parole evening, she just wanted a full night's sleep. Just seven hours of unbroken, wake up when you're ready, sleep. 
The babysitting service was accepted as her ideal gift, her dream. A word that's quite apt under the circumstances - don't you think?
I remember too, my Uncle's protestations of his nights of fitful sleep and middle of the darkness insomnia. I always linked that to the worries of a businessman - but decades on, his updates on the previous night are as much a part of his start of the day routine, as a mug of lemon and hot water.
So there I was, when all in the world around me were ZZZing and certainly not contemplating what could be put on the dinner table (in over twelve hours time), to please two giants and LSH.
Normally falling into bed so tired I can't even remember falling asleep. Even when no alcohol or caffeine has passed my lips, I fail in the attempt to reach the magic number eight.
Trouble is, even as the little giants started growing into their seven league boots, I think my body had become acclimatised to the lack of sleep. It wasn't until the regular wake ups (and ensuing 'are they still breathing' wake ups) had ceased, that I realised HOW tired I was.
Sleep eh? We need it!

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