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Pantry Pandering

I was once asked, out of all the meals I'd cooked, which ones I enjoyed cooking most. Without thinking - I was probably cooking at the time - I answered 'Store Cupboard dishes'.
It was back in the days of pre-children, pre-ready, steady, cook and mid-hospitality career. My day job held the responsibility of feeding and watering 2.5k workers (let alone the additional functions and events), which would often leave me in a state of exhaustion that would only be topped by that provided by a future new-born baby!

Déjà View

Autumn's enveloping us; I've been noticing over the last couple of weeks.

The air is a little chillier, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are still clinging on for dear life, before they drop their jewel coloured corpses, to be kicked and scrunched by conker searching foragers.

My Annual Appraisal

Many people seem to view their Annual Appraisal as something to dread, maybe like a school report.  It’s my belief though, that done well (or properly), it’s an opportunity to stop and take time to appreciate the achievements, analyse and cultivate a plan (if not already done) to improve on any weaknesses and consider how to flourish and move forward and upwards.

Tech-nically Awkward

I left school at sixteen, having failed my Cookery GCSE-equivalent. I forgot the sausage meat on the scotch egg. It was either nerves, or I was introducing the suggestion of a bread crumbed hardboiled egg as a vegetarian option.

I've said it a hundred times now!

And there I was, on the journey home, planning my schedule for the afternoon ahead. I'm sure you're familiar with the scene - piles of sorted dirty holiday clothes - washing machine puffing away under the enforced wake-up call. Well, well, well, another case of plans going awry.

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