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I've said it a hundred times now!

And there I was, on the journey home, planning my schedule for the afternoon ahead. I'm sure you're familiar with the scene - piles of sorted dirty holiday clothes - washing machine puffing away under the enforced wake-up call. Well, well, well, another case of plans going awry.
 I'd fully prepared for the end of the holiday reality check. I'd envisaged a cuppa, the last piece of the Norfolk fruitcake, whilst huddling in the comfort of my lovely blog, with the lull of dirty clothes being magically cleaned in the background. Goodness only knows what I was going to write about - I certainly can't remember anymore!
For the reality was, blocked kitchen sink (which devoured my afternoon), smashed floor lamp, disgruntled giants and (I'm sure many parents are familiar with this) the cry of 'what's for tea?' as soon as the complaining session of 'unfair' siblings had come to an end.
Then, to cap it all, I discover I had a PUP-DOG nesting in the PC - and I'm not talking the furry cute type - we're talking the corrupting, sick (mal) kind ... POTENTIALLY UNWANTED PROGRAMS.
What could the giants have been downloading, while LSH and I were away, behaving like teenagers, that could cause such a sickness?!!
Anyway, try as I might, this PUP was not for training and, two nights later, I had to call in the big gun, aka eldest giant.
Problem solved but blog (once again) horrifically delayed. From which I'd like to bring you back to its title. Said what a hundred times?
Well, many of you may have heard your own Ma using the phrase (along with the old 'joke' addition: 'that I don't exaggerate'). The truth here is that I'm sure I have said 'don't pour fat down the sink 'cos it blocks it', more than one hundred times. Particularly since I had to spend a whole winter's afternoon unblocking an external drain of it's solidified stomach retching contents.
Let's hope having to go Dutch on the emergency plumber's bill will ensure that the giants heed my warning, in future.
However, I would like to point out that it's nearly a year since I started transforming my random musings into written form. I would like to highlight that this is my 100th post and I would like to thank you for continuing with me along this journey.
So thank you - and hoping you have a good weekend.

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