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Simples? #YeahRight!

I knew that the first rule of blogging was to ensure I grabbed my domain name (or in my case, two, but that’s another story) and that’s what I did; long before I even pressed my first Returnto Work Mother publish button.

It took me over a year of frustration, having to remember the blogspot inclusion in my URL, before I cracked. Why, when I had the domain I wanted, could I not use it? Could I use it? I knew that my web based knowledge wasn't advanced - but neither was it basic.

In the end I resorted to the not-so-age-old action of enlisting the assistance of a digital/hoover equivalent of brand to verb/noun.

Googling all possibilities on transferring a domain name system (you can Google what that means if you like), I discovered I could transfer it! I followed the answers and with forced determination in the Advanced DNS area (yes, I agree, it IS like a foreign language). I felt nervous, confused and finally a little smug … by jove, I thought I’d got it!!

Then I waited, and waited, and waited. 

The "be patient, it takes between 24 and 48 hours to populate" (were we talking rabbits here?) message forced me to curtail the metaphorical strumming of fingers. This was despite the fact that my blog address was reduced to a link bait, going directly to the host company's self-promotion page.

Seventy two hours came - and went – by now I was well, WELL annoyed! 

I had no alternative but to load up my social cap gun and fire a great big #Fail onto my Twitter stream. I sat back and waited ... again.

Which reminds me, while you’re waiting for this tale to unfurl, you might find my previous Twitterinsights an interesting read.

Sure enough, in the flashist of flashes there came a little bit of a scramble, which, I have to admit, included the screenshot above (the full conversation is available, FOC, on the @carriekitkat Twitter feed).

The result? Well, you can see what appeared in the address bar above … within 24 hours.

So, here's my tip:  If you’re not utilising this type of social already, but you’re fed up with the run around from Customer Service Departments, Call Centres and Online Support Pages - why not try ringing the #Fail alarm bell?

If nothing else, it will show which companies are socially savvy, and it may well leave you feeling like a happy bunny too :) 

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