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So this is me, just an ordinary Mum of two babies who grew into giants and forced the word ‘adaptable’ to become a natural part of my everyday life. Thank you for having enough interest in me to click and find out more.

I started blogging because I was inspired by some very clever and interesting female (and latterly male) bloggers. Although my Return to Work Mother Blog was originally to help me develop my online social knowledge and experience, for work use, it quickly developed into something that I really enjoyed doing.

I started posting twice a week and these posts were categorised by whether they were posted on a Monday or Friday, which was also an indication of their particular genre.

For example, for the To Start the Week (TSTW) post, I had the idea that these could be useful as inspiration, information or something just to take your mind off the Monday morning ‘bag, books, shoes’ fiasco or 'new baby' sleepless nights.

Likewise, the Something for the Weekend (SFTW) post was based around thoughts and suggestions for grown up things to do and think about at the weekend. For those times where you could snatch some child free moments to realign and reconnect with your adult self.

But it would have meant nothing but a vacuous space, if I hadn't been joined on the journey. I asked for a connection and a www blogging conversation was started.

To this day, I still love hearing from you.

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